Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Cocktail Queen: Beer appreciation post

Guinness ( Irish) 
TSINGTAO( Chinese) 

I am starting off with a bang with my first series post of 2017. So I know this is about cocktails but I do drink foreign beer. Its rare that I do. But Sapporo ,Tsingtao,Guinness are my favorites. There are a few others but I forget their names. I am not a huge beer drinker but I thought hey why not from time to time give some love to beer. There are beer cocktails also. Maybe I will try some so I a blog about it.What is your favorite beer?

Saturday, January 14, 2017


When black crush velvet attacks

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Cocktail Queen: December mix drinks

Hey all 
I wanted to post this before the year was out. I have more of my Cocktail Queen series in the months to come. I want to do one a month. Like my other special series. Below is the last two weeks including last night drinks. I am sick so it will be better in the new year.

                                                               Apple cider and whisky
                                                    Whisky and coke
                                                                        Tiki drink
                                                                   Malibu Sunset
Drink last night at the movies (sidecar)

What new drinks do you dare to try? Or is Wine a thing? Amber Beer maybe? I would love to know in the comments below .

Hotel Love: Kimptons' "Rouge"

Hey all
*yes a new year a new series *

Last post until next year lol Anyway I wanted to share my trip I just had. It was lovely. No I was not paid to tell about it, I am just a huge Kimpton hotel fan. I always bring my cat but since she was with her nana I let her be. She will come next time. I will write a review on yelp! when I am feeling better.But for now I will show my Iphone pictures here lol . Boutique hotels are fun because they are unorthodox. This one is nice and I give it a 4. The staff was a 5.

They had my hypoallergenic room I needed, cocktail hour was bliss and I saw animals and made me feel happy that I can bring my little fluffy girl. I think they rooms need to be a bit more updated but nothing horrible. I love the lounge/bar. I am a fan of the Rouge all around. I raided the bar and had a lovely robe ( all Kimptons have zebra and tiger robes another plus ) I have stayed in Kimptons 3 times this hotel price a night and I still have the same feeling. Good job. Contact me anytime Kimpton for a review we love your hotels!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

After work date (pt2)

Ha I am back! See, I am doing more than one in a day *claps* Here's the continuation .........

 Korean Taco with kale and kimchi & siracha

Yes we went to TaKoren and hey they have alcohol now !!  We had sake and my fav tacos and sat and laughed. All together we did not even break the bank. We just sat around seeing all the other hipster-ish families. 

The end 

After work date (pt 1)

Hey everyone, 
I am trying to get as much as I can in before the new year lol I have so many pictures so I will be doing just that, sharing them and telling you my short story. Hey you will even have some places to come and visit. 

 Sparkling water
 Sausage of the day
Bean and Chorizo Dip 

So above  I decided after work one Friday two weeks ago that I wanted to go out . I just have so much on my plate, and at times just a walk around Union Market and chat. We had fun , first we went and had a few appetizers here. Then we went somewhere else in the market ( that's next blog) Sometimes, you need that moment of unease to be released by doing something not planned. I think we both enjoyed our sausage of the day appetizer and bean with chorizo dip.
Do you ever go on unplanned dates ?

Friday, December 2, 2016

Dreaming of Fridays

Hey all

Yes is friday! Yes I am on time yes I am off yes I have made time to post this! How was your week? It has been a long one indeed and I have found some things around the web to cheer us up. What will you do this weekend? I have no idea on my part other than a pile of work I have had no time for.

                                           From Not Your Average Joe's

Japan got to name a new element on the periodic table # 113

What is your opinion on drinking while flying.

Now on to music, stream this thank me later lol

I want this velvet jumpsuitdress and boots

Last but not least, I am going to see Cher at the MGM by my house this is the coat. Yes Cher im here for it.

Until next week enjoy!