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Monday, December 8, 2014

Eurodance and Ethiopian

Hey everyone

I am stopping my Eurodance hour  to tell you guys that I found an Ethiopian restaurant. I am not only happy but tears came to my eyes when I found out its about 12 minuets from me. It is in the college district and I am happy because I love to go for lunch and I have been twice. I took pics , I had to show everyone. I still miss home but this will have to do. One other thing I bought earrings while I was drinking coffee and waiting on my lunch.

          These earrings are so cute.They are made in Ethiopia from wonderful woman who are single moms. They are also small business owners , and I say support them. We all need a helping hand , and I look good doing it 

Here are the food photos. I ate it so fast, I was looking around for more. So I had to go the next day. Lol I am glad that Yelp! helped with this. I will be giving great ratings. Once again I am so glad that I found places that remind me of what I am used to. Yes they are a ride and I have to make plans to visit but its fine. Its all part of change. Until I am back east, I will make due with what I have,and take this as a learning curve that I am trying to adjust to. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My take on the Shoyu Tamago recipie

Hi all

A late night recipe from Rasa Malaysia. Its just soy sauce and boil eggs. Very easy and good!! I didn't have the dark soy sauce or it would of  came out exact.


Soy Sauce ( dark if you have it)

Boil eggs, then boil sauce turn down on medium and roll the eggs in. Let them sit and tada!!! They are great for parties. Maybe I will make some for my winter part. Ha Gin and Tonic and Shoyu Tamago.


Friday, November 28, 2014

Dreaming Of Fridays( Sale Edition)

Hey all,

I am home from sale shopping. Not for myself but for some people. I did get my child a lot of litter and a huge bag of food so she will be set for a while!! I saved $15 I feel better already. But here are like a few things that were picked up. Along with other links.

Bath and Bodyworks ( cheaper at the store)

A cheaper Drama TV membership

For Tomo

Loft Love ( online its 10% more)

Hair Inspired

Nail Inspired

Well I am  off to bed!!!!!

ps, I forgot to mention that Hotel Tonight had $7 hotels I have proof and credit!!!! Happy Weekend <3 p="">

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Random Chatting

Hey everyone. So whats up with everyone?

I am just all over the place, starting a new job and ready to move back home ( lol) but until then I will just hang in there. I am wearing bright lipstick to brighten up everything but ah its not working!! The weather here is funny. Its like 60 then 70 and then you get hot, cold and then OMG WHY DID I PUT ON THESE WOOL TIGHTS!!! So yeah....lol so hey I have some links I wanted to share because I couldnt wait to Friday,(or will not have time ) 

I cant get enough of Solange Wedding Photos. This is such an inspiration. It was a very hipster-ish wedding and I am all for it. Shes cool enough to let everyone wear white. Thats a modern wedding I would of love to be part of. 

Speaking of weddings, I just read an article  about the opposite of wearing all white. 

My little brat was entered into a Contest I will post the pic I entered below!!! I would love an all paid vaca with her 

Well until the weekend be easy and enjoy the weather and peppermint mochas' and stuff. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

National Cat Day

Hi all

Forgot to post this yesterday but it was national cat day and I wanted to post pic of my little cat baby girl. Her mom and dad loves her to pieces and everyday is cat day!!!! Hug your cat. xoxoxo

                                                 Mom and Tomo
                                          When I just found her.
                                                  She loves to be high up
                                                           Last week (lol) shes big now
                                               Also a few weeks ago,its nap time
                                            Drinking water a few weeks ago with her nana
                                                 All of this attention is making her tired.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Yearly Dedication Post

Hey everyone! 
I wanted to quickly do this post because I have to thank someone as I do every year since she isn't here or me to say thank you to. Today she would of been in her late 50s and she was my breath of fresh air.Many do not know that she is the one who gave me the idea for my coffee blog! So she deserves all of the credit. I don't like posting pic of my baby self lol Not because I wasn't cute its because shes in them. Missing her is real and you know each year I will remember that a blog is more than a bunch of opinions, its more on how you feel about fun and important things and sharing the good with the bad. And knowing that others feel as you do at times. 

                                           I keep this picture on my tablet background. She loved
                                           this picture, we we were just getting up she said.
                                                            Thats me !!!! So cute, ik ik
                                           And me now!! coffee is gold thanks mom and auntie
                                           This is me last year on my bday. She would of ate
                                            this pic up. I look like the baby she thought I was.

In all, thank you auntie for believing in my writing ability and others thank you also. So until next year and more pictures that I am currently digitally fixing, I will continue blogging. She would not want it any other way.

Your spoiled niece
Jen xoxoxoxo

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Little Dragon Concert Wear

Hey everyone

I am between work and a cup (huge) of epresso so I decided to share my second  concert outfit post. If you know me, I have been for a very long time (since they first started) a fan of the group Little Dragon. You know how city folks have access to it all so I heard them way before a lot of people and I really like and respect this band. I saw them this past Wednesday and I was so happy. Kind of sad I had to go alone because I am in new state but its okay I so stuck out like a sore thumb. I am glad I did lol It was a wonderful. concert. Unlike many I knew every song and yeah danced on beat lol ( let me stop) but yes I will say this: Dont be afraid to show your style to the world. Im from a city that doesnt care so I wouldn't be any different in a new place. But yes though I have ran into to many hateful people here I will take this back when I move and realize how good I have/had it. Its the happiest I have been since I moved here.  Without further ado...

PS: My dress is from Anthroplogie. My sister did my makeup she draws very well so I thought why not let her draw on moi face lol Its Santigolds' eyeliner from smash box.