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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Dreaming of Fridays ( Saturday Edition)

Happy weekend! what are your plans? I have school
and stuff but I will be out and about. I have some
links to share. Enjoy.                                                                   My cat baby tomo w/tata her bear

A very inspiring organic story

I feel like to be open minded is to be different and a favorite group of mine is.

Look what I spent my lovely money on, and the great back story on it.

I must go to this brunch next year with my hair in check. But the hair styling  this year was on point.

If you know me personally, I am a very picky eater, so will this snack site suit my fancy?

Hey there, you look new around here . I am in love with this car brand if you did not know. lol

Harlem Whole Foods  enough said.

I loved this podcast

Until next week stay lovely

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day!!!!

I don't know how long I have been doing this , but Happy Earth Day!!!!

I am huge on helping the earth that god has blessed us to live upon.

From the green trees and grass, to the blue and different color oceans; and the life in them.

So this year I want to show some of the most beautiful places I have been too.

 Because this year, I have learned to be grateful of what I came from and you that you come to miss things like rain when you move far away. I realize it and I hope to remember this whenever I move back across country.
 One other thing, its not just the earth, its the things you use in life. Like net and shopping bags. I myself have them both and use them though this state isn't big on it.
 Eating, planting and making sustainable food is one too. Also buying it. Because you must take into consideration that some things are not plentiful. Even certain sushi kinds!!!!!

What do you do to help the environment and help slow down Global Warming?

Monday, April 20, 2015

It was a smoothie day

So two weeks we went to a juice bar. Now back home I would be all over this, but I wasnt familiar with this place and yes I ordered the wrong thing. I know that kale and cumbers taste good bit this one had more than than that in it and I just dealt with it and drunk it because they were not really trying to allow me to exchange. Maybe I will stick with Starbucks and their smoothies. My niece drink was nice in color but she hated the taste. I think my sister was the only one who came out happy lol. Then we decided to have sushi to make us feel better. Boy, I cant wait to move home, I miss actually having a sushi collection and food selection. Until the weekend enjoy!


                                              Nekter Juice Bar

                                                            Tuna Sushi ( that mom liked btw)

A pizza kind of day

Hi all

I am starting to see that the weekends will be the only time I will have for blogging. Do not worry things will change and maybe I can sneak one in during the week. Okay now to the title. So I decided that it would be cheaper to make pizza!! (plus I love to eat) So we made a ( get ready..) lamb, salami, hot artichokes and green onion pizza.With lots of cheese. Was it good? Yes it was! there is no more . One was round and kind of a deeper dish,and the other was rustic looking. See for yourself.

The ingredients ( I forgot to add the artichokes)

                                                   Salami   and green onions for the toppings
                                                                    The lamb and green onions

                                                       The rustic pizza

                                                                The ending prodcuts

A lovely thanks to Whole Foods Tempe for having some of my ingredients.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Dreaming of Fridays (Day off Edition)

Hi everyone

Since I have no time this or last week I wanted to make a post that will cover them both. I have so many links to share with you, and I also want to really share two projects that I am working on that I hope can be completed. But no details yet! Okay so how was  your weekend? Also I know its early and the week, but do you have any plans for this weekend ? Without further ado, links!!!

Lets start off with a positive article about self worth. We should all stop beating ourselves up and see what we love about us. No one should be our model of looks or personality. We were all born differently so why be like someone else?

Because of this post by a favorite blog of mine, I want this dress. No before you ask lol. Not planning on it hopefully ever! But I love the look of it.

On a slightly over happy note look whats coming to the U.S.

A  BuzzFeed Violet Video that I relate to, I only wear dresses when needed and I am allergic to make- up .....BOOM! *walks away*

Another BuzzFeed Violet Video that screams truth.....wheres my cup of wine...oh wait...its only 11 am oh and its MONDAY!!!!

Two sites that my friend ( its a he) need to use if he wants to make me dinner tasting table and food52

When I get back on the east coast, this is where I should visit in Phili

The best fitting jeans for my wide butt, oh and yours is up there too.

Seven cocktails that I already drink......Cheers

So much wedding inspiration

Until next time , don't forget to check out my Pintrest I am up there when I can looking for hair tutorials and food lol

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Dreaming Of Fridays

Hi I know its a day early but I am so busy and I want to share some links with you. So....what are your weekend plans? Tell me , tell me. I have lot to do, I think I need a break that does not involve me driving or lifting a finger. Hopefully I will have my Miami vaca later in the year. Until then, let me share some things I found around the web.

Want to get around in style? Check out this new bus line.

If you know me personally, I am a mom of two cat girls so this cat article makes my day.

song lyric and song that you must hear. ( I can relate so well)

If this Iphone rumor is true, oh happy day.

A "bad" swimsuit collection that I ordered .

The great vaca guide to wear the above swimsuit.

NYC street styles

I was looking at the Real and saw the best advice ever! Also kudos to the models they had up there, real woman with curves that I actually look like.

A great article that many people lack to speak or know how to handle.

Until next week be easy <3 nbsp="">

Friday, March 20, 2015

Road Trip: San Diago / LA

Yes you heard it right.!!! I took another trip. This time is was with my family and we had too much fun. I have a few pictures. But first allow me to explain the trip driving in one word " wow" It was worth it and I saw so much and relaxed. Here are the pictures.