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Friday, April 18, 2014

Dreaming of Fridays

Hey all,

So whats going on this weekend? My plans are up in the air. Before I forget, the picture above was made using my cute app from Japan called "girls pic" its like an Instagram for woman and girls alike. I love it and apparently they do too. Good thing is that I can read most of whats going on via the app. Anyway I found some good stuff this week.

So these easy beauty routines are so cute. I can actually do some of these. ( this is an older post I love it so much I had to post it)

Best cocktails im loving 10 and 11

This is so very true and its the same for girls. Its a funny read

I forgot to speak about Sprinkles Cupcakes ATM

Ikea apartment ideas for small spaces

Until Tuesday happy reading and find new things to share with me.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Dreaming of Fridays

Happy Friday

So, what are your plans? I have none sadly but homework. I guess its my date for a while. lol Anywhoo I have a few things. I am actually invited to a few weddings in the next few months and I have a few things I like to wear. I am buying the shoes I will show and I will buy two of the dresses. I am at a bit of a pickle. Here let me show you.

 Jeffery Campbell Inaba Shoe

Dress Choices


Cut Out Dress

Tunic Dress One

Tunic Dress Two

Frill Dress (which im buying)

I have more but I dont want to overwhelm you! So until next week and more dresses I want to show you a cool Mad Men Cocktail

Ps. Next week I will be making cocktails. All of this Gin I have I have to make time to enjoy it right?  Oh and the pic was my shopping and dinner date a week or so ago.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Gin Bottling

Hey all

Yes you read it correct, I went gin bottling recently. I always get monthly emails from Green Hat Gin , and they always ask if anyone wants to bottle to leave your name via email. I just happened to be aviable which is very rare and I did. I was picked!! I was so over joyed you have no idea. I ventured alone because my partner in crime had to work. But do not worry we will go next time. Anywhoo, I get there and theres a good amount of people. I was online and ready to bottle. I have to say my fav was the packing of the bottles in the boxes. I stayed at that station a lot. I also labeled, filled the bottles with gin, and put tops on the bottles. I was happy, quiet because you know im shy; but so very happy. Anywhoo, I had to snag the Spring/Summer gin and its sooooo good. We did have gin and tonics there and it was again too good. I also learned the distilling process and their unique ways. Cant wait for their whiskey I think like in 12 years. WOW I may be back in New York , but will be sure to order it. They were also nice enough to allow me to take pictures. check them out at a bar near you!!!!!

Thanks to Green Hat Gin

Monday, March 31, 2014

Bow Number Two!

Hey all, 
Okay so my new bow came , its the same exact place via etsy that I bought my other one from. Shes such a doll to do it so quickly. I cant wait to wear this with my comic outfit for comic con LA this summer! I love to be such a geek , nerd,techie . Now if you would excuse me im doing some more shopping via esty. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Dreaming Of Fridays (Saturday edition)

Bella Tomo-Yu and "her" stylish purse and toys all over my floor lol

I had a great start to my weekend I went to bottle Gin, I will have that post up very soon just getting pictures and such together. I am going to see family tomorrow with my furbaby in the pic above. What will you weekend hold or have held? Heres what I found around the net.

My homework

Gin Recipe   you can also look up other liquors  up here. 


I love Opening Ceremony , and their blogs

If this Lingerie Set has opening arms to bigger sizes. 

Anna Scholz Top  

Swimsuits from another site!!

Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dreaming of Friday ( Sunday Edtion)

Hey everyone.

Im just having a cup of coffee , dont feel motivated for nothing!!!! Okay What did you do? I had my second staycation. It was okay I wish I could say it was fun, but things and people will suck all the little joy you have left out of you. Alright, I found some nice things this week so lets get to it.

I am thinking about writing a Memoir

Hello Regency Hotel in Japan and not to mention this

Tripping  over Tokyo Fashion Week

Malibu is stepping up its game in the liquor world Rum is good but its even better with Tequila which is very good ive had this one but I want to try the Sparkling Rum and the Spiced Rum

Purse Madness  is happening to me again This is my third new purse

Oh and my four purse

I love Kim an Kayne pic on Vogue love the dress and gosh look at that ring lol. People really dont have nice things to say, I say get out of peoples personal lives, tend to your own and move on. lol people will be people ignore them.

I am a fan of Kelis and loved her singing at the SXSW Festival

Well thats all I have I got more for next week xx

Friday, March 7, 2014

Dreaming of Fridays

Hey everyone

Whatcha doing the weekend? I am doing the above, yes organic shopping (again) I am still on my iron parade so I need more organic greens and such. Tomo loves the organic cat food so I will get her some and of-course the usual! Hopefully I stay on budget this time. Heres some stuff I found online this week.

More Bows via Etsy

A friend sent me this great travel idea

I promise to take more swimsuit pics I think I bought too many!

Style in Asia via the Wall Street Journal

Iphone Case  for me and Samsung Case  for my mother.

Check out Neiman Marcus Last Call I have a cart full.

Trunk Show

Okay off to do my school work, until next week!!!! Ill see you Monday for another post about my staycation I finally downloaded pics of.