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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Care to talk about my kale day in?

Hey everyone, 

I am back with the many pictures I have taken. I have to still tell you about new years eve outfit (which I sat at someones house in lol) But I was stunning. Any way, today's post is about Kale! If you know me I have a lack of iron problem and I am a very green person. I think at times too much, I will over eat green things. ( like green gummy bears, they have to have iron right?) Well, I had some kale this weekend and look how wonderful they look, Whole Foods had a great sale on this great organic Kale. Why not eat it? What veggies are your favs?

                           My lovely fail attempt in cutting them.

                                         My kale model shoot.

                                                   As organic as it gets.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Instagram Photo Recap

Hey everyone!!

How is this new year going for everyone? Okay moi first post of the year are pictures I shared on my Instagram. Its a great start, and I have more post to come. Just bare with me , there are a lot of changes and I am making room for it all until Fridays' post here are a few pics.

                                          My peach green tea, my sisters love this drink.

                                           After shopping at Mekong, we went to have Bahn Mi.
                                       Yesterdays Flat White ( more on my cofffee blog)

                                          Cracker!!!! that's a later post too
                                                I just had this picture taken, drinking my sisters drink lol

That's all for now until next post be easy!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2014 Blog Roundup

Hey everyone,

I have to first say thank again for tuning in for year number 6 of this blog and I am just moving up in the world of sharing things with you, so lets go back and see my popular post during this year shall we? I will be out until the first of the year so I am knocking this out the way and wishing you all a safe end of the year Now without further ado, Here are a few interesting post from this year.

Remember that time when I went Gin Bottling ?

My Blog Anniversary Post

I did a lovely kickstarter post

One thing I did not put on this blog but on my other was me graduating again in Miami  at the beginning of this year. My next graduation is from my grad program at the end of next year. 

Thanks everyone for making this blog a success for six years. I cant wait for next year. 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Dreaming of Fridays

Grad School CoffeeShop Grind

Hey , I have had a long week!!!! So.....I posted this on my coffee blog because I am in study mode and I am busy yet again. I am home sick and tired and just AHHHHHHHH! But I have a few links.. I hope you had a great week and Happy Friday.

One of the many songs I am dancing to. 

I want this, but bought this lip color first

Very nice advice from a cute site.

I love this blog and this post even more.

I loveBuzzfeed Violet. I told someone that we would be great up there, we are a mess. 

Well, I have to go!!!! Like out the door go, so be easy and see you next week. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Eurodance and Ethiopian

Hey everyone

I am stopping my Eurodance hour  to tell you guys that I found an Ethiopian restaurant. I am not only happy but tears came to my eyes when I found out its about 12 minuets from me. It is in the college district and I am happy because I love to go for lunch and I have been twice. I took pics , I had to show everyone. I still miss home but this will have to do. One other thing I bought earrings while I was drinking coffee and waiting on my lunch.

          These earrings are so cute.They are made in Ethiopia from wonderful woman who are single moms. They are also small business owners , and I say support them. We all need a helping hand , and I look good doing it 

Here are the food photos. I ate it so fast, I was looking around for more. So I had to go the next day. Lol I am glad that Yelp! helped with this. I will be giving great ratings. Once again I am so glad that I found places that remind me of what I am used to. Yes they are a ride and I have to make plans to visit but its fine. Its all part of change. Until I am back east, I will make due with what I have,and take this as a learning curve that I am trying to adjust to. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My take on the Shoyu Tamago recipie

Hi all

A late night recipe from Rasa Malaysia. Its just soy sauce and boil eggs. Very easy and good!! I didn't have the dark soy sauce or it would of  came out exact.


Soy Sauce ( dark if you have it)

Boil eggs, then boil sauce turn down on medium and roll the eggs in. Let them sit and tada!!! They are great for parties. Maybe I will make some for my winter part. Ha Gin and Tonic and Shoyu Tamago.


Friday, November 28, 2014

Dreaming Of Fridays( Sale Edition)

Hey all,

I am home from sale shopping. Not for myself but for some people. I did get my child a lot of litter and a huge bag of food so she will be set for a while!! I saved $15 I feel better already. But here are like a few things that were picked up. Along with other links.

Bath and Bodyworks ( cheaper at the store)

A cheaper Drama TV membership

For Tomo

Loft Love ( online its 10% more)

Hair Inspired

Nail Inspired

Well I am  off to bed!!!!!

ps, I forgot to mention that Hotel Tonight had $7 hotels I have proof and credit!!!! Happy Weekend <3 p="">