Friday, November 20, 2015

Dreaming of Fridays

Hey everyone

                                                                      My lovely wellies

I am doing a lot better. I want to share some links with you. What are your weekend plans? I have another cold and I have finals so I am studying and of course going for coffee. Below are some links.

contemporary artist that I saw a special on Bloomberg.

Whole Foods wines

Whole Foods cocktails recipes

Do cats love their humans I think yes

A cool article on the life of a video gamer

Until next week enjoy!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Sad Announcement

Hi everyone I want to say that I will be on bereavement for a few weeks. Its been a long week for me and finally yesterday I had to say goodbye to my oldest furbaby Izzy. I am to pieces and I need to collect my thoughts. Bella and I are very happy that family and friends are being so supportive. Its only her and I now. I tell people its very hard losing a family member. Furry or not they are your family what makes up your family. I am so blessed to have had her and she came to me when I was so down. I love her and will never ever forget her. I wrote about what happened bellow.

Thank you


                                          A picture last week before she was sick

RIP Miss Izzabella-Ka Sawyer I wanna say thanks to all the heart felt words from everyone. I'm so attached to my two cats it's breaking my heart that I lost one. It's hard being alone, family four hours away each direction, working a lot and finishing two degrees. I held on as much as I could but when they did cpr on her and I was crying and just to pieces the nurses or doctors couldn't calm me but suddenly she opened her eyes and calmed me by cleaning me. I stopped crying instantly and everyone in the room started to cry. I knew then that she was telling me that she was ok with leaving and Bella-Tomo and me would be ok without her. She was 14 my feisty little girl. I see she made the final decision again. I respected her wishes. I'm going to be ok. It will just take a while.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

National Cat Day

Two days ago was National Cat day and I wrote this about my two cat kids enjoy! Also I wanna give my sincerest love and condolences to my friends' kitty who passed today. A true lost.

Bella ( left) Isabella (right)

It's national cat day and I almost forgot to post. I wanna say thank you to my two cat kids that make my day on the not so sunny days. Though they are way different in ages (2 and 13) I enjoy having each side of the age spectrum. Ik many do not care for cats, but mine are my world and they understand every language I speak to them in. Mommy loves you both"

Dreaming of Fridays ( Saturday Edtion )

Hey everyone!

So whats up? I some have fun links and I am heading out so I have to make this quick! Whatcha doing this weekend? Love to hear. Above pic is my Whole Foods happy hour cup lol enjoy.

I am a fan of Frank Sintra and LizTaylor, one place that is on my list that they both loved to be  and I am going to very soon is to Palm Springs 

This is a Gin lovers dream bye bye to mixing light and dark, because this drink does it.

Momofuku  is here in DC you guys!!!!! and I am so happy!! I am going this week coming.

More on Momofuku

Since I have a friend who loves this clothing brand I will feature it .

A great article

 I need this subscription

Until next week be easy!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

My first Whole Foods trip back home

Hey everyone

 I went to Whole Foods yesterday evening heading home! First time since I moved back to the east coast. I used grocery delivery services because of how busy I am. But I think I will go more on Fridays. Not only did they have sampling of cool products that I did buy all of , but it was happy hour for oysters and they shucked them and you at them on the spot. Instant gratification. Not to mention I have a new refillable bottle ( pic below)
Its so good, I know I need to drink a little at a time , then go and get it refilled with the new flavors that come available. I did find out that my cat loves the pate organic cat food there so that's where I will be getting it from! I want my kids healthy like me !!!!!

Until next time happy shopping.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Dreaming of Fridays

Hey everyone!!!!!

I am on time today with my "Dreaming of Fridays "  post. What are your plans for the weekend? I have so much to do. I hope to have coffee and a good conversation. Oh speaking of coffee, hop over to the other blog and I will be updating that one also. Until next week heres some post I found very fun to read.

If you know me, you know I listen to this artist

As a social car sharer, I was relieved that Ubers' safe riders fee for the cities I do ride in did not go up as high as some places.

Have you heard? Southwest

Some tech news

Sports news

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Dreaming of Fridays ( Saturday Edtion)

Hey all I'm back !!!!

Things have calmed down so I am here with my lovely links. I also have great news! My blogs are officially going a part time job! I am a official blogger.I have a few more things to do and I will give you more details later. Until then here's what I found around the web.

 Thanks to Instacart for delivering.

Lets go out , but we cant make a resevation

Pet Parent Info

 Being a native city goer, I have a love affair with fire escapes

 Apps for woman

 A site I check daily. ( one day I hope they catch a pic of me on the NYC streets)

Until next time be easy!!!!!!