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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Final summer getaway (Dreaming if Fridays fashion finds)

Hi Everyone

Its been such a long week!! but I have some fun things to counter all of the negativity going on. Lets go on vacation! I found a few more things I need to take with me. though I think I am fine in this department. What can I say I love a good sale! This is what I found around the net.

Airport Flow Song one and Song two

What I will make to eat on the way to the airport.

My lovely weekend hotel flow ( they won me over with their epic coffee shop)

This dress (was on sale!) and This dress (fot later) and The dress

Quick research on Cali Wine?

Last but never least the swimsuit wish the top was bigger but ill live lol.

What will you do this weekend? Be safe and see you next week mid week.

Final summer getaway

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Festival Inspiration

I am still on this festival high so I wanted to share one of my creations. I have some more on my polyvore. I have tickets for a few of them next year so I am cafely buying pieces to each of my creations. I think the Ultra music fest and the Secret garden party will be a huge highlight. Also maybe because I have to travel on the pricey side. What would you wear to your fav festival?

Friday, August 8, 2014

And......Im back with a recipe

Went to whole foods....came, saw, ate too much lol came out with a lot as usual. But this time I had gold! from ground lamb to Havarti cheese I was happy. I also got to have a nice conversation in french. I am happy to be the introvert I am. I come to life on the most things. So this is what I made. 

A slice of Havarti cheese
Streaded meat of your liking
peanut or any type of oil
any other toppings you want inside
Flour or corn tortilla 

How to:
Put it all on one side of the tortilla 
Bring the opposite side in and fold like a sandwich horizontally.
fry or bake to your liking. 

Its so good, im going to make one now as I head out. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Week Break and Quick Reap

okay so I have a week break from school so I am going to find some water and chill in my swim suits because I deserve it. Just too much stress and negativity a break is nice. But I did want to touch base with you and show you what ive been up too.

                                        Trying to get Tomo off my bed lol
                                        This was a great picture if I may say so myself. Theres like 7 here love it!!! though they sale nothing I eat. I need to speak to them about that.
                                                     Me at Ikea. Love this place!!
                                       Went out with family and got some new stuff ha you will see soon enough.

Until next week catch you later. Glad to have a break!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Dreaming of Fridays ( Fashion finds)

Hi everyone,

Hows or for my east coast friends how was your day? I don't think I am doing too well with the time change.I found a few fashion articles to go along with my preferred first and second beach look. I am so summer happy I keep buying swimsuits! lol What will you do this weekend? I do not know. for me nothing super exciting. Maybe the pool , my apartment is right in front of it.  Until then , here are the links....

Gotta love Solange Fashion

Two blogs I love to follow are teaming up for a cute blog serious on life, and yes Style  

The may be not having the best time or are they? But their style says otherwise