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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Dreaming Of Fridays

Hi I know its a day early but I am so busy and I want to share some links with you. So....what are your weekend plans? Tell me , tell me. I have lot to do, I think I need a break that does not involve me driving or lifting a finger. Hopefully I will have my Miami vaca later in the year. Until then, let me share some things I found around the web.

Want to get around in style? Check out this new bus line.

If you know me personally, I am a mom of two cat girls so this cat article makes my day.

song lyric and song that you must hear. ( I can relate so well)

If this Iphone rumor is true, oh happy day.

A "bad" swimsuit collection that I ordered .

The great vaca guide to wear the above swimsuit.

NYC street styles

I was looking at the Real and saw the best advice ever! Also kudos to the models they had up there, real woman with curves that I actually look like.

A great article that many people lack to speak or know how to handle.

Until next week be easy <3 nbsp="">

Friday, March 20, 2015

Road Trip: San Diago / LA

Yes you heard it right.!!! I took another trip. This time is was with my family and we had too much fun. I have a few pictures. But first allow me to explain the trip driving in one word " wow" It was worth it and I saw so much and relaxed. Here are the pictures.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Dreaming of Fridays


So, yes I am doing this post on time yay!!!!! Okay I have some links. Enjoy and I will have more to speak on next week.

My new shoes

How cute, Big Bird Tweets

Making Duck tips

I am saving up for this

So this is why Co workers are like this

Kate Spade Fashion Week

New hair product

That's all for now loves

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Ethipoian Honey Wine

I have this  thing for honey wine. So much so that I drink three cups every time I get a chance. Its something about the sweet tones of golden goodness. Not to mention the after taste. I am a mess I know but have a cup and you will be thanking me. I have been drinking it for a while. When I was back home in the east, I stopped in and had a cup while waiting for lunch and him and I would wait and go out and have a few cups. It was fun, I cant get that here but I can get honey wine here. See ?

Lol until next time , be easy enjoy a cup of wine ( in moderation of course)

Road Trip: Las Vegas

Yes you read it correct. It was a sudden thing to drive, I was insisting on flying, then I thought about using that money to have fun with, so I decided to drive. It was so different, but I am glad that I took the trip. I had fun and I realized a lot of things about myself and also that I will be okay. I will visit one more time before I depart from the west. Without further ado, here are photos!! I didn't take much of me. Just one I was so into the lights and sounds.

                                                                         Just getting to Nevada

                                                       Luxor (where I stayed)
                                                         Excalibur ( had an arcade)
                                                       The bottom show is be-boyin' awesomeness
                                                  Both are from a  buffet

                                                        He plays at MGM Grand Hotel
                                                       New York New York Hotel

                                                  I was cold so I had my sweater on lol
                                                32 oz of greatness
                                              My time went back and hour

Dreaming of Fridays( Saturday Edition)

Hey everyone

I know I am so busy not to mention so much has gone on, including today, but I wanted to play a quick catch up game and share this week links. There's great ones, so enjoy and don't forget to check out my Pintrest and enjoy your weekend.

A yummy sweet gift

A favorite cooking youtube channel

A good read

A new outfit

WANT ( watch the youtube video under the picture)

So sad I will miss this event they will have a summer one though, that I will be back for.

Well that's all until next week, I have a few more post to catch up on stay tuned!!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Care to talk about my kale day in?

Hey everyone, 

I am back with the many pictures I have taken. I have to still tell you about new years eve outfit (which I sat at someones house in lol) But I was stunning. Any way, today's post is about Kale! If you know me I have a lack of iron problem and I am a very green person. I think at times too much, I will over eat green things. ( like green gummy bears, they have to have iron right?) Well, I had some kale this weekend and look how wonderful they look, Whole Foods had a great sale on this great organic Kale. Why not eat it? What veggies are your favs?

                           My lovely fail attempt in cutting them.

                                         My kale model shoot.

                                                   As organic as it gets.