Friday, December 2, 2016

Dreaming of Fridays

Hey all

Yes is friday! Yes I am on time yes I am off yes I have made time to post this! How was your week? It has been a long one indeed and I have found some things around the web to cheer us up. What will you do this weekend? I have no idea on my part other than a pile of work I have had no time for.

                                           From Not Your Average Joe's

Japan got to name a new element on the periodic table # 113

What is your opinion on drinking while flying.

Now on to music, stream this thank me later lol

I want this velvet jumpsuitdress and boots

Last but not least, I am going to see Cher at the MGM by my house this is the coat. Yes Cher im here for it.

Until next week enjoy!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Meatless Day of the week Recipe: Pickled Daikon Radish

Hey all

For a quick disclosure, the series of blog posts are for people who as myself , picks a day that they prefer not to have meat. It is not necessarily vegetarian or vegan, just something different.

 At times its a side that can go with something meatless such as this featured recipe. I like it on whatever I can have it with. Pickled things are just great to eat alone for a snack. I took the basic steps from this lovely recipe, and added my own twist.

So this is the finished product above. I cut mine into bigger chunks due to the fact that I wanted to put it in soups and also eat as a snack for lunch.

 As you can see I started off with a very clean Daikon radish.

 Then in a pot I boiled rice vinegar, water, sugar and thai chilies with a pinch of salt. Until the sugar was dissolved. ( It said a cup of each)

I cut the radish up into chunks, again its whatever way you would like , and I added peppers to mine, some cut up and some whole. Then added the liquid along with the other chillies and closed it shut.

I let it sit for a few hours as I read below, then put it in the refrigerator.  I was told that it can last up to a month or so. Mine is spicy and very tangy, I went over the cup of vinegar on purpose.

Check out the cooking blog I got my idea from .

Dreaming of Fridays ( Saturday Edition)

Hey everyone

                                                         ( Picture taken by my cousin (thanks!) ) 

Not only have I been super busy but also so many other things including sick! Its that time of the year and I stay sick! I am the one who takes all the airborne and Vitamin C and such and still ends up being sick. Anyway how has your week been? I have had an okay week. I have seen better days and they are looking brighter. I have found so many things around the web. Enjoy below! 

This past week marked the first year of losing my Izzy but I found a sweet letter that made me just break down and cry. I am glad to have had the chance to raise an elder cat. I really think that she taught me so much about life in general. I never noticed it until now.

In brighter news, my fav writer/producer/rapper is 2016 Ebony Mag Power 100 Nominee. I have been following him way back since he wrote for 30 rock. Yep, he shows us that we all have to fight to find who we are.At times we realize that it is okay if we  havent found it yet.

So if you are a New Yorker you know about bodega cats. Well, they are trying to delete them from bodegas and we cant have that. See what to do here. I feel like at times people come into a neighborhood and try to change it. Not intergrade. It hurts to see that happen when New York City always accepted not who you were but what you were.

Preview of what I am blogging about next. It is based on this recipe .

If I were to opening an Mini Consulting firm in Japan  I would include this rule.

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Dont forget to change your clocks back!!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

We went on an outing.....

Its rare that I have a chance to go out and just see the sites. But we did , and I was happy. They even said " I actually had fun" I have no idea how to take that , but I will question that later! Can you guess where we went?

Yes! MomoFukus' Milk

  I decided to get the birthday cake shake.
They decided (since its their first time to get the soft serve with cereal and fudge)

We had a ball! I was glad to share a piece of New York with them that had landed in DC. Have you been? I want my future wedding cake from there. The Birthday Cake and crack pies. Yes it will be an one of a kind event! lol

Until next time!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Dreaming of Fridays

Hey everyone!

I am so busy , I know what is new, but I did want to share somethings with you today for some of us long weekend. What are your plans? I have no idea of mine. Until next week enjoy my finds.

I do like some of Michelle Obamas' Styles Im loving the Tory Burch/Fendi outfit.

If you know me, you know I have been waiting for Atlanta to come on for a few years, and now I am hooked. I love everyone, and here a lovely interview on the female lead. I think I relate a lot to this.

Lets spill into tech, need Wifi Passwords for all of the airports. Here you go. If it works for you, you are welcome.

My new accessories hub

Hello Kitty Wine  Need I say more?

Until next time stay safe.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Cocktail Queen : Open Bar


Yes, I am like here to share a few drinks from my open bar adventure. I do have a few suggestions for the ones who are not used to having one of these in their grasp.

1. Drink strategically - Just because its all that you can drink does not mean you do not have to chose what to drink at what time, do not drink so heavy in the beginning.

2. Know your limit- Yes, we all have them, know it and be prepared to say no after your have reached it.

3. Tip the Bartender- Be courteous to them,  you never know what drink they have up their sleeve that they will make just for you( as you will see below)

4. Do not be afraid to just drink wine or beer- If liquor is not your thing ,stay with your beers or wine.

5. Drink responsibly- Be safe and have a safe way home or to your destination. Do not over drink to the point that you dislike alcohol.

 Now onto the drinks:

Scotch and ginger( I had two)
Gin n Tonic and coffee( bad mix do not judge)

                                                              My "mystery " made drink 
                                                                    Tequila Sunrise
                                                                 Vodka and Orange Juice
Tequila , Vodka and Orange juice.

So as you can see, I had a field day , but this all ranged over six hours. which I had water and some pain killers in the beginning (water throughout) I came out just fine the next day and drove four hours home. So tell me , based on the color of the "mystery drink" what do you think is in it?

Monday, September 19, 2016

My noodle escapades

Hey everyone

So I decided to share with you my odd obsession with noodles. Now as we speak I am even making macaroni salad. lol Lets take a look at my lovely snaps of  this fav food oh and drink.

                                                                       Thai Tea
                                                                 Pho (seafood/brisket)
                                                                      Pork belly ramen
                                                                    ramen w/chicken
                                                         The same but with seafood and miso

Okay you know I am the seafood eater. lol Ramen and seafood is life! ah what is your fav food?