Friday, April 22, 2016

Happy Earth Day!! 2016

Hey all

Though i'm on my "Purple Rain" and "When Doves Cry" repeat, I had to pause and thank god ( as I do everyday) for being alive another day and the earth he has made.

Im thankful for wind energy 
Cali Windmills

                                                          I am thankful for the oceans

                                                      And last but not least, sustainable Veggies.

What are you doing to enjoy many of god's creations? Breath the air, feel the wind and hear the ocean roar. You can be here one day and gone the next.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Meatless meal of the week:Mashed Korean/Japanese Sweet Potato

So this week crazy easy recipe happened to be  made on a Tuesday (meatless tuesdays anyone?) and if you know me , you know I am a fanatic korean/japanese sweet potato eater. ( hey starch I see you )

I have said goodbye to regular ones many moons ago ( like 13 years) and I love to eat them mashed. Nothing else special with them because they are so filling. I will put a list of optional things to add but all except the last one I will not try because I feel like it will ruin the taste. My cooking story for today is " I cook because I like to eat not because I like to cook." A friend said "put that on a shirt and I will buy it" lol

Without further ado here's the recipe:

Korean/Japanese Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Two potatoes ( above) yields two to four servings


  • Sweet Korean/Japanese potatoes
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar
  • 6 tablespoons Salted organic butter
  • A few splashes of cream( optional see below)
Optional Ingredients :
  • Cream ( a splash or to your liking)
  • Grated Cheese ( someone suggested the more salter cheeses)
  • Milk (almond, soy) 
  • Pistachios 


  1. Boil for about two hours, shorter depending on the size of the potato.
  2. Run under cold water when done.
  3. Peel, Mash add the butter and sugar add more or less depending on your taste.
  4. Add the optional ingredients.
  5. Enjoy
Note: I will try pistachios but everything else isn't needed personally. I mean if you have cream  add a little not too much.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Dreaming of Fridays

Hey all

Whole Foods Shopping Vibe

I have had a brutal week. How about you? What are your weekend plans? I found some links that I thought you may like.

Are you a millennial like myself who think as this article suggest ? The first thing that came to my mind was work/life balance.

I love Lafayette 148 NY

I see you Momofuku happy hour

An article on outfits to wear flying  which are nice and I agree with.

until next week.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Cocktail Queen Post 1: Dark Spirits

Hey all

Most do not even think that Whisky/Scotch and Cognacs are different. They are not on the same spectrum and a lot of Whisky drinkers do not like Cognacs and so forths. They are two different yet complex spirits that takes sometimes a quarter of a lifetime to make and produce. The sitting time of each varies on what the maker is looking for. There are many brands out there that start from 4 to even 75 years! Now who would want to taste a 75 year old spirit . All of that sitting it must be rich in flavor and acidity and not to mention took on some of the aromas of the cask that its in.

 As far as in a cocktail  be simple with it or on the rocks or no ice at all . Yes at times it is fine for the later two  but you can easily mix it with honey or even soda and some bitters and there you have it a mixed drink that you will be instantly addicted to. What I had below was a simple mix. One is from a tasting which I enjoyed at Johnnie Walker ( green and black all day long ) and the second was from a very recent tasting from Remy Martin which I am a VSOP girl .

Remy and Ginger ale

Old Fashion ( Johnnie walker)

What are some of your fav kinds of both?
 How do you drink them ?

Meatless day of the week recipe : Fried Potatoes

Hey everyone

I thought I would share this with you since so many ask me why I am alway posting pics when I don't like to cook. Hey not liking it doesn't mean I do not know how, its not my fancy unless I am hungry and I am a chronic snacker so this recipe is from my mom. It can be dinner, snack whatever. This is my meatless day of the week food.

Fried Potatoes

Let me explain that. Okay I thought hey since I have such an diverse eating personality let me have a day that I do not eat meat. It saves money and I will have more cooked food to heat and eat during the week. I have no set day ( to make it fun) So I am sharing them from time to time and hey try them out. As I told a male friend of mine " you do not move out the house all the time married and if you cant cook how will you take care of you? If you can program you can cook. No one sat and taught me I got hungry I asked questions I watched and I read." This person cooks now. lol

Here's the break down in pictures then I will do a written version .

Without further ado, here's the recipe:

Fried Potatoes 
 Yields:2 servings
Cook time: 30( prep cook and clean time )

  • 2 eggs
  • oil ( I used peanut)
  • seasonings
  • flour 
  • potatoes   

  1. Cut peel and cut potatoes like french fries
  2. Season to taste
  3. Add eggs( if you have a few little potatoes add one egg I had four big ones)
  4. Add 1/4 of a cup or less of flour, just enough to coat the fries 
  5. Mix, fry and enjoy 
  6. When golden brown they are done.
Enjoy with your fav sauce.

To win my heart make me these <3 lol="" no="" p="" seriously="">

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Dreaming of Fridays ( Saturday Edition)

Hey all

Throw back pic, Ah I am wearing those pants now lol(I miss my car)

Yes I know I am behind ,but I started a new job! and I have tons of school work. But I love you guys and you know I am never gone for long!!! So I will start off with some links that I have found around the web. How is your weekend going? I hope its doing well, I hope to go see Batman vs Superman. I have the next week off so I will be blogging. Until then, enjoy.

Some natural hair info

A very inspiring cat story

A fave hangout spot that I forgot about

Whats behind Trader Joes Two buck chuck wine

NHK News

until next week,stay lovely.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Dreaming of Fridays

Hey all

Its been a weird week , full of "wow" "geez" and "@##$$%" but its Friday and I am still standing , well I am in chasing my Bella around ( kitty) and eats this great pasta with spicy ( like ghost and habanero peppers) turkey/lamb ragu. Being on a tight budget I have to make sure that I cook enough to have have lots of leftovers (that seems to taste better days after!) Whos knows why lol.

 As my fluffy child is eating her food, I am posting this. I also have a meeting in a hour forty five so lets get to sharing the links for this week( and last) .

Cali Travels

A power interactive article

Want to rent an Island ?

Move over Uber , I read this article on another driving based company ( I still love you though)

Mashable wrote this cool article  its common sense to me , just like naps in Japan or the cool break rooms at Google .

Until next week. enjoy